Saturday, December 1, 2007


Although they may have won, at least we are the Big East CHAMPIONS and have dignity. Share this video with all of your friends and family. Let's get this on the news and show who the better fans, team and school are. Pitt administrators should be disgusted with how their student body is behaving. They are awful role models and though we may have lost, we are ultimately the better school. SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE!!!! @ I will return with more videos later. LETS GOOOOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS!!!! p.s. to all you panthers, the whole couch burning thing is over played. But since copying is the most sincere form of flattery... THANKS!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

From Pitt to Motown to Washington PA to Udel?

SO I woke up a lot later than expected this morning and instead of rushing out the door like i should've, I decided to get on the computer and see what's up while Steve makes some Choo Choo Wheel pasta (if you've never had it, it's the best ever!!)

I get online and turns out one of my good friend's cars has broken down and they need a ride out to their hometown which is on my way back to Morgantown. No issue right? Wrong, I have to drive back to Morgantwon, pick him up and then drive him to Washington and then get my crazy redheaded self down to Udel!

I would say that I'd just spend the weekend up here in Pitt, but when your friends are having a huge party and you grew up with them since you w
ere 8, you're kinda obligated to head down there.

Well I'm sure I'll get on this thing later after I've got some of my faves in me, but here's a picture to keep things on a lighter note: I'll title it... Whe
n White/Hispanic girls try to dance.....

and the next is a warning to all you little freshmen out there.... don't let an older girl ask for a bite of your sub... you'll never see it again!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Now everyone always says that Halloween is the one time that girls are allowed to dress like sluts and no one can say anything, and wow do I agree. (And take advantage of it) Seeing as my birthday is on the 29th of October, you better believe that the partying starts WAY before Halloween ever does. This year I had an excess of costumes and I must say it was probably the most memorable one ever.

We have exhibit a:
The Infamous Cop. Cept I think wigs make it more interesting.

Exhibit B:
Raggeddy Ann gone WVU style. ;)

And The Apparent Fave of the Weekend Festivities... Exhibit C:
THe ever so loveable CAT WOMAN/Kitty Kat

So i say it's fine for us to dress up and flaunt wha we've got. Don't feel nervous girls, if guys can walk around shirtless, we can walk around in something that makes their mouths drop.